Some Updates

Lincoln Cathedral open for private prayer and reflection from Monday 15 June. Get inspiration for your future visit with their daily virtual tours, video reflections, or join the Cathedral clergy with daily prayer online.
Lincoln Cathedral Web Site

Doddington Hall Gardens are Open and there is currently a sculpture exhibition.
Doddington Hall Web Site

Missing Wimbledon? There are some highlights on Youtube including a documentary about people’s pursuits and ambitions for Wimbledon.

You can find it HERE

There are web cameras based all over the world. It is always daylight somewhere in the world so there is always something to see. Start here and see where it takes you. Spoiler alert, you can see people on holiday which may be a bit depressing for us.
Web Camera Link

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U3A Trust Guidelines

You may want to read the Covid guidelines from the U3A Trust:-

You can also see their video on Life in Lockdown HERE

Some Thoughts and Ideas

Use our web site to look back through Newsletters, and look through the picture gallery. Did you know that in December 2009, we had a pantomime sketch? Read all about it in the January 2010 Newsletter.

Play Bridge. Some members of our Bridge Group are now playing on line. If you are interested in joining the group, go to the Bridge Group Page under Interest Groups.

Learn a new skill. Use YouTube, or other web sites to look for something you have wanted to do but have not got round to it.

YouTube has thousands of entertaining videos.
Geoff Sherman has been involved in making a couple of videos.

Chester festivals can be seen at:-
and the trams of San Francisco:- 

Use Zoom software to contact the family, or run groups. It is very easy to use and allows multiple access for meetings, and available on a number of platforms. See below for a tutorial.

Please let Sid know if you have any ideas that can go on here. Email 

Get into Zoom

If you want to learn how to get into a Zoom meeting for the first time, I suggest you look at this tutorial on Youtube.

Zoom Tutorial


See the Gardening Group Page, it is impressive with hints, notes and photos.


This month’s Jokes

A young couple went on their honeymoon to Las Vegas.
While they were there they went on an escorted visit to a Native American reservation.
There they saw that there was a “Memory Man” who was reputed to remember everything in the known world.
Of course, the man was intrigued by this and bought a ticket.
When inside he was invited to ask a historical question, so the young man asked, “Who won the English FA cup in 1912. With only a short pause the Chief replied, “Barnsley beat West Bromwich Albion”.
Of course, the young man was astounded and could think of nothing else to say.
25 years later the couple thought that they would return to Las Vegas to celebrate their silver wedding anniversary.
When there, they were surprised to see that they could book a visit to the same reservation.
During the visit the man noticed that the memory man was still there, so he bought a ticket.
On entering the Tepee, the man thought he would blend in, raised his right hand and said “How”.
With no hesitation, the Chief said “Harry Tuffnell scored the only goal in extra time in a replay of the final.”


Moses was the first person recorded using a Tablet. He was also the first person recorded to load data from the Cloud.