Quick quiz

Can you list the words of the Phonetic Alphabet?
i.e. A = Alpha; B=Bravo ………
Can you do the rest?
Answers NATO Phonetic Alphabet

What is a Homograph

Homographs  are words of like spelling but with more than one meaning. A homograph that is  also pronounced differently is a heteronym.
You think English is  easy??

Learn and Laugh with Homographs

Poetry for pleasure

Here is a poem submitted by Janet Freeman, written by her son, John. Those of you who live in and around Welton will recognise some of the descriptions.

The Public Footpath

Just for Fun

We can get out more, even meet indoors. For those other times, here are some less serious items.

Two for One

A daddy hedgehog was teaching the young ones how to cross the road in safety.
“Just go to the middle of the first lane and if a car is coming just roll into a ball and the car will pass over you. Then you jump up and run to the next lane and do the same again.”
To demonstrate, daddy hedgehog runs to the middle of the lane, rolls into a ball and the cars pass over safely. He jumps up and repeats the process on the other lane and gets across safely.
He shouts to the eldest and says “Now its your turn”.
The eldest of the youngsters sets off, and crosses successfully. Then the next and so on down to the youngest.
The youngest sets off, gets to the middle of the first lane and ………… SPLAT gets run over.
“What happened say the youngsters, what did he do wrong?”
“He did nothing wrong says daddy, just that the process doesn’t work when it is a Reliant Robin!”

Gee Up
Two farmers were chatting at the local agricultural show. They were both fond of horses and rented fields to keep their favourite horse in. One suggested that they could save money by keeping both horses in the same field and sharing the rent. They agreed and arranged a date for when one of them would bring his horse over. When he arrived, he had a concern, “How are we going to tell the horses apart?” The other farmer said that he had already thought of that. “No problem, I have two long scarves, you tie this red one round the neck of your horse and I will tie this blue on round mine.” So that’s what they did and, quite happliy let both horses out into the field where they were getting along well. 
“You know” said one farmer, “we didn’t really need the two scarves, your black horse is much bigger than my brown one.”