Pam Ayres in Lockdown

What is a Homograph

Homographs  are words of like spelling but with more than one meaning. A homograph that is  also pronounced differently is a heteronym.
You think English is  easy??

Learn and Laugh with Homographs

Poetry for pleasure

Here is a poem submitted by Janet Freeman, written by her son, John. Those of you who live in and around Welton will recognise some of the descriptions.

The Public Footpath

Driving after Lockdown

The Institute of Advanced Motoring held a webinar to help drivers gain confidence with driving again after lockdown. If you are interested in seeing what they said, you can see a recording in Youtube by following ON THIS LINK

Just for Fun

The situation is changing again, but here are a few things to help keep you sane and, hopefully make you smile a little.


Just a smile

Talking to a friend recently, he told me that sitting having dinner one evening his wife said “If something happened to me, would you marry again. He was a bit surprised and didn’t really want to discuss it so he put her off. However, she persisted each evening until he finally relented and decided to talk about it.
“I suppose I would”, he said.
“Would you sell the house?” she asked.
“I don’t think so, he said, I would stay here”.
“What about our bed, would you sell that or both sleep in it?”
“It is a pretty new bed and very comfy so I guess I would keep it.”
“But you would sell my golf clubs, you wouldn’t let her use my golf clubs.”
“Oh no, she wouldn’t use you golf clubs, she’s left handed!”


I bumped into a chap outside the village hall and after chatting about Welton and Lincolnshire, I asked him “Have you lived in Welton all your life?”.

He paused, looked me in the eye and said ……….. “Not yet!”.

Just a Quiz

If you are fond of quizes, try ours. There are no prizes, they are just for fun. You may like to use one for your New Year e-Party

The answers to the first quizes are available by clicking the links
Quiz 1 Q&A and Quiz 2 Q&A and Quiz 3 Q&A  and Quiz 1951 Q&A and Quiz 1961 Q&A

You can open and print them using Adobe Reader.

I have not done a new quiz for January. Let me know if you want another one, eg for 1971.