Quick quiz

The Chinese designate an animal under a twelve-year rotating cycle.
Can you list the twelve animals?


The Washington Post Neologism Competition

Every year The Washington Post runs an annual competition in which the readers of the
newspaper are asked to submit alternative meanings to existing words. The results are
often extremely amusing. Here are examples of Washington Post neologisms:

Learn and Laugh with Neologisms

What is a Homograph

Homographs  are words of like spelling but with more than one meaning. A homograph that is  also pronounced differently is a heteronym.
You think English is  easy??

Learn and Laugh with Homographs

Poetry for pleasure

Here is a poem submitted by Janet Freeman, written by her son, John. Those of you who live in and around Welton will recognise some of the descriptions.

The Public Footpath

Just a Drink

A wife was fed up of her husband going out for a drink every night. So to placate her, the husband took her with him one evening. When in the bar, he ordered 2 whiskeys and proceeded to drink his in two quick swallows. His wife took a sip and immediately spat it out. “That is terrible, I don’t know how you can drink it” she exclaimed. “There you are” replied her husband, “And you thought I was out enjoying myself”.

At a beer convention several of the CEOs went into the bar to drink together. The first said “Give me the best beer in the world, give me a Coors”, and the barman did. The second said “Give me the best beer in the world, give me a Miller Light” which the barman did. The third said “Give me the best beer in the world, give me a Budweiser” which the barman did. Then the Irish CEO of Guiness said “Give me a Coke”. The Americans were astonished and said to him “Why did you not order a Guiness?” to which he replied “Well if none of you are drinking real beer, neither will I!”.