There is a Group Guide to help those who are wishing to set up a new Group and is maintained to ensure that Convenors are up to date with current issue and/or regulations. It may appear large but it is mainly common sense.

Group Guide

Interest Groups

The rules for meetings are changing constantly. Whilst it is difficult for some groups to meet we are determined to survive and provide as much as we can. Rules and guidelines will be monitored and changes made as necessary.

The Lindsey u3a has a large number of interest groups covering many subjects. To belong to any of these groups you need to be a member of the u3a. If you are already a member of another u3a you can attend Lindsey u3a Groups.

Some Groups are still active, using technology, or with telephone and/or email contact. Some groups are not able to continue within the current restrictions.

If there is no contact detail, email our membership secretary on and say what interests you.

Click on the Group Name to see more details.

Group Timetable



Day of Month

Current Status


Architecture Third Thursday Morning Meeting as Normal Luke Pickering
Art Appreciation Third Monday Afternoon Meeting as Normal Elizabeth Wilson
Art Group Second Thursday Meeting as normal Geoff Sherman
Bird Watching Third Wednesday Meeting as Normal Robin Gulliver
Book Group (Bookworms) Second Tuesday Afternoon Meeting as normal Helen Nicholls
BOWLS Every Thursday Afternoon Summer Recess Jane Guy
Bridge – Duplicate Every Thursday Afternoon Meeting as normal Shirley Droy
Coffee Morning – LIVE Fourth Thursday Morning Scothern Garden Centre Mandy Murphy
Coffee Morning – On Line First Tuesday Morning Using Zoom Sid Miller
Computers For All Second Monday Afternoon Meeting Hybrid Mike Kirkby
Conversation Fourth Wednesday Suspended Needs a Volunteer
Family History Third Monday Morning Meeting as normal Sid Miller
Garden Fourth Tuesday Afternoon Meeting as Normal Barbara Jones
Jewellery Making First Tuesday Restarting Chris Saynor
Knitting Second Tuesday Morning Meeting as Normal Barbara Jones
Luncheon Club Second Saturday Suspended Shirley Droy
Music for Us Third Tuesday Suspended T B A
Paper Craft First Wednesday Afternoon Meeting as Normal Mandy Murphy
Play Reading Fourth Monday Afternoon Meeting as Normal Margaret Howard
Poetry Reading First Monday Afternoon T.B.A Val Dunn
Singing For Fun Third Thursday Afternoon Suspended T B A
Summer Holiday 11 July 2022 5 Days Prue Chadderton
Annual Lunch T B A T B A T B A
Theatre Visits As Available Suspended T.B.A
Visits As Available Suspended T.B.A.
Walks 5-6 Miles First Monday Morning Meeting as Normal Kevan Chippendale
Walks – Short Second Monday Morning Meeting as Normal Marie Clark