Family History

  • The aim is to present recent Family findings and help each other with advice and/or suggestions
  • We are a relatively small group, Some of us have progressed in our searches while others are relative beginners. We discuss what we have achieved, with any interesting finds and then members outline problems and we endeavour to suggest ways forward.We try to help those members who have not progressed far and are looking for advice on how to proceed. Whilst we discuss the use of computers and internet it is not the main feature of our meetings. We do sometimes go into the social history side, and talk about types of work, clothes and migration around the country to find work.
  • We continue to be challenged and rewarded in equal measure. Our group is now full, and we are not able to take new members. However, we would be happy to hear from anyone with an interest in Family History. We may be able to help via email.

Convenor: Sid Miller email:
or         Cathy Platt email: