Progress reports

Here are some notes and reports from members.

Finding an ancestor’s back story and the tools used to get there, by Sid Miller.
Find the Lady 2

An interesting find by Janet Freeman.
A famous Brother

A report from Janet Freeman who found a very interesting link to her family tree, reported at the July meeting.
Mormon Connection

Mystery Solved Or Is It? Sid Miller

The felonious career of Moses Pearson by Janet Freeman

A Report by Cathy Platt of the Meeting in January 2021
18 January 2021

What next? by Sid Miller

FREEMAN-KITTERIDGE What’s in a Name by Janet Freeman

Looking for William Beattie by Janet Freeman

Find the Lady by Sid Miller

Into the Unknown by Sid Miller

Derek James

Janet Freeman

Stephanie Yarwood

Andrew Tomlinson

Sid Miller

Doreen Evans



Anti Mill, Beverley

This charming sketch depicts an Anti Mill on Beverley Westwood, The building is now the core of the clubhouse at Beverley Golf Club, but in the 1880s it was a working mill, owned and lived by a family named Thirsk, who I have recently discovered were distant members of my family on the paternal side.
Prue Chadderton 

A Cautionary Tale

A photo of a table top tomb in the churchyard of St George’s Church, Cam, near Dursley, Glos. The carving on it shows a farmer out ploughing; it also shows a chain coming loose and flying through the air which is what killed him.
The local story goes that the farmer was ploughing on a Sunday and so got what was coming to him by doing so! The tomb is dated 1685.

Family History

  • The group has  live meetings on the Third Monday of the month in a member’s house. 

  • We are all excited at the arrival of the 1921 Census Data. As well as reporting progress, we will be discussing the benefits and issues around it.

Leader: Sid Miller email:
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Family History

One of the benefits of this group is the way we can pick up ideas and hints from each other’s experience.  Only one member has Lincoln born ancestors, but when an old city plan, or address is mentioned in a document, everyone pitches in to offer suggestions of the  present day locations.  Old city maps often contain a border or second side of local tradespeople’s adverts and again it’s the address of these trade premises, which help identify a particular house.

  •  Family photos are an especial delight and the wedding from 1943 one we looked at today not only showed 4 generations of the family  but had a ‘colour wash’ makeover, which livened up the image. The hats and shoes are always of interest as the fashion of the day does reflect that period.

    The value of having a family member, who  not only had an exceptional career, but whose profession in ballet,  meant he had travelled widely AND researched his family history was evident by the 25cm thick bound folder left to his relative.  This very impressive folder contained a wealth of photos, census documents and copies of original birth/death/marriage certificates.  What’s the problem, you may think?  Well for the current researcher it may a question of trust in this relative’s research, or be the gaps or omissions of information of siblings in our member’s direct line.

    However, another instance was discussed on how a seemingly remote and unrelated piece of information, in this case the enlistment records to the US military in 1942 helped identify lineage.  This tied- in  descendants from  two branches of a members family, one originating in Oldham, the other in Gloucester/Cambridge area who joined the Latter Days Saints church and then emigrated in the 1830s and 1850s respectively, to Utah.  Unlike in the programme Who Do You Think you Are – ones own efforts in finding clues to our past is painstaking slow, but we do take one step at a time.

Leader: Sid Miller email:
or         Cathy Platt email: