On Line Bridge

Dear Bridge Players All

You can play with and/or against people you know in the comfort of your own home. Follow these instructions from Cathy Platt.



Duplicate Bridge

  • Meetings have been postponed until further notice. However :-
  • Beyond every cloud etc ….. we bridge players are exploring on-line games whereby we have a link with 3 others and play the hands in real time. 
  • For those U3A players who have meant to learn to play bridge, but never got round to it, I’d recommend they learn through two excellent websites reached via google:
    English Bridge Union Education Learning Bridge Tutorials
    nofearbridge is another site which offers free tutorials on a 2 week trial basis. If any of our members do take this up, they can email me and I can take steps extend their free trial period.
    So the message is keep safe and learn to play bridge.
  • If you can play and would like to get back into the swing, play on line, the instructions are oposite. Regards Cathy Platt


  • The new U3A Bridge Club was started in March 2016 on a Thursday afternoon, 2.45 to 5.00 pm, at Manor Park Sports Pavilion.

  • Our first year is now up and we are happy to report that it has been very successful. We have 44 players in number and have an average of 20 each week.  All the members have played previously and are of varying abilities and we have a very pleasant afternoon every week.

  •  We would welcome more players but do not have the facility to teach people.


ConvenorEleanor Walker

Phone: 07986 797228