Hybrid meeting

This photo was taken remotely by Mandy Murphy who attended the meeting using Zoom whilst on holiday!

Computers For All

The group relaunched on March 14th at the Welton Village Hall with a hybrid meeting in the Welton Room plus Zoom for those members  unable to attend.

The dates of future meetings are as follows :-
9 May
13 June
11 July
8 August
12 September
10 October
14 November
12 December

Members arrive any time after 2pm to setup, with the meeting starting at 2.15pm finishing at around 4.00pm.

We have a new agenda to reflect the needs of members with the meeting divided into three sections.

The first part focuses on Apple iPad users who require further help and guidance in using their tablets, for example users might want to:-

  • Take a screenshot
  • Carry out a group email
  • Explore your battery use
  • Use Control Centre for volume, brightness and recording ‘YouTube’
  • Moving your apps and put your important apps on the dock
  • Solving iPad problems by closing apps and switching off

In the second part of our meetings we explore an app or process that has been chosen by the members who wish to learn more about it, in the form of workshops and discussion. This will have been agreed upon in advance by the members so that some time can be spent in researching the subject.

The third part will be for those members using Microsoft Windows who wish to  get more from their applications and resolve any problems that they may have, for example:-

  • Are those Apps not working right for you?
  • Are you getting to grips with your emails?
  • Do you feel safe browsing the web?
  • Would you like to improve your photos?
  • How to set up a Google account?
  • Plus much more

The group welcomes new members of all levels of interest in technology who would like to further their knowledge and hopefully help others to benefit from what they have learnt. If you would like to join our group please email me on lindseyu3a@sudbrooke.eclipse.co.uk or give me a call on 01522 754091 or just come along to one of our meetings.

Mike Kirkby, Group Organiser