History Talks

 All History Talks are suspended until further notice.

  • This ten-member group is comfortably hosted by Barbara and John Lee in Nettleham. 

  • I was at school during WW2 when all the young teachers had been “called up” and the “old uns” came out of retirement. My history master was a music man, he trained my friend to play the huge school organ. For my lessons it was “Open your books at page xxx and copy the first paragraph”, Leaving without any qualifications I became a clerk, a travel agency manager then a technical London traffic cop. I moved amongst historic scenes and wondered why the statues and buildings were there. Nearing retirement I read a couple of books by Jean Plaidy and found how rich history is.
    I joined Croydon U3A and was disappointed by the ‘1066 then 1067’ approach so I developed my own method of talks and had classes of up to 50 members, realising that I was often filling in the gaps that their schooling had left. I joined the glorious British Library and completed my own history education.
    When I came to Welton in 2003 I joined the U3A. My groups were smaller, but I delivered over 60 talks, ranging through railways aircraft, Kings and Queens, explorers, France, Germany, Mongolia, Malta, Japan,- oh! and by the wayI covered 1066 in my own way. I was prevented from delivering Clive of India by The Virus. I look forward to comparing the Siege of Paris to the Lockdown of Lindsey – history is full of Great Circles!- join me then.


  • Room for a new member at present- see me at a general meeting or phone.


Convenor: Bob Wise  Tel: 01673 866561