Play reading

  • The group meets to read a wide variety of plays, both classical and modern, from Oliver Goldsmith and Chekov to Arthur Miller and Alan Bennett.

  • This group has now been running for three and a half years and has given all members a great deal of fun.  We meet on the last Monday of the month and the group has remained constant at 10 members.  This is the best number for an ‘in house’ meeting – any more and we would be too crowded.  However, several members of the Lindsey U3A have expressed interest in joining and we have 3 people on our waiting list.  It seems unlikely at present that anyone is like to leave our group, so we would suggest that a second group is started to meet on a different day. 

  • If anyone would like to convene such a group – perhaps one of the people on the waiting list – it is suggested that they contact Margaret Howard, our convenor, who is willing to give help over the choice of play and the library regulations.  We have a second convener, Trish Kerrigan, who does all the ‘casting’ and, again, she would be willing to help any new group to get started.

  • The Group meets on the 4th Monday of the month (excluding bank holidays) in a Group Convener’s house.

Convenor: Margaret Howard –