Walks 5 to 6 Miles


  • The group meets once a month on the first Monday of the month.

  • We take walks of about 5 miles at a gentle pace, and are usually completed by 13:00 

  • The programme is circulated to members each month 

  • If you are not yet a member you are welcome to join us for a taster, then join at the next general meeting or by sending your application found on our Membership page.

 Convenor: Kevan Chippendale  

                      Contact at Meetings :- Janet Freeman



October Walk

We did a 5 miler on Monday, 5th October, with eight people walking in two groups of four. All went well and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves after the long break……………and it didn’t rain which is always a good thing. We decided to continue the walks every month to the original schedule. We’ll limit the number on a walk to twelve and walk in groups of six with the usual safeguards. There will be a booking system and record keeping as required by U3A. Details to be circulated to group members shortly. I have a volunteer to lead November’s walk and we’ll ask for a volunteer leader each month.

 There is some disagreement over whether the rule of six applies to these walks given conflicting statements in the U3A documents. However, if we walk as detailed above it becomes irrelevant whether it does or not. Obviously, if we get more than twelve wanting to walk someone will be disappointed………………but that’s life.

Regards, Kevan