Gift Aid

  • Now that we are a registered as a charity in our own right, we are entitled to claim tax allowances for those members who are tax payers. Clearly a member must be a UK tax payer, and sign a form to indicate that they wish to gift aid their membership.You will find a form on this Page.

    If you are willing to do so, we would be grateful if you would complete and sign the form and hand it to a committee member at the next general meeting, or send it to the membership secretary, Jane Miller, 2 Roseum Close, Lincoln LN2 3DF. Individuals must complete the form separately. To be clear, where a member and spouse or partner are both tax payers, two separate forms must be submitted.

    Whilst it will not be possible to claim for all our members, the amount we can claim will help to keep down the cost of membership for everyone.

  • You can print a form by clicking on the link below. It is in PDF format.


Gift Aid Form