• Now that everything is beginning to open up again I will be re-starting the bowls group.  Firstly I want to reassure you around safety.  The rinks are cleaned after every session and we have been compliant with covid regulations ever since we re-opened in mid May this year.  However, now that some of these regulations have been further relaxed we no longer have to wear masks in the club but we do ask people to keep social distancing in place.

    We are going to play on Thursday afternoons from 2 p.m./4 p.m. starting on the 23rd September.  This is open to anyone who would like to give bowling a try or just come along and have a roll-up. We will be using the facilities at Dunholme Indoor Bowls Club and they are happy to provide shoes as you are not allowed to wear your own ordinary shoes on the carpet, and bowls that they have for those starting up.  Bowls come in many size and weights so you can try different ones until you find ones you are comfortable with.  Free tuition will be given to those who are new to the game.  I am hoping we can get one or two teams together so we can play against other teams and get a bit of a competition going.

    We need to pre-book the rinks before the day, so if you are interested can you please give me a call or drop me a line when I can make the necessary arrangements on your behalf.

    With thanks.

  • Organiser: Jane Guy: email:     
  •  Phone: 07971 277482