Art Appreciation

  • The group meets to discuss any aspect of the visual arts. We visit studios, public galleries and exhibitions. We invite local artists to talk to our group and our members give presentations on the work of their favourite artists. Members’ talks have included the work of Winifred Nicholson, Peter Ball, Marc Chagal, William Morrison and the Pre-Raphaelites and Toulouse Lautrec.
  • Group members would welcome new attendees at their meetings. Activities include members’ presentations on artists and exhibitions attended, guest speakers, visits to art galleries and viewing of DVDs borrowed from the U3A national library. Meetings are informal and are held in members’ homes unless an outing has been arranged.
    If interested, please contact Elizabeth Wilson.
  • The Art Appreciation Group meets on the third Monday of the month at 2pm.  We keep numbers to around 15 since that is a comfortable number to seat for ‘at home’ meetings but ‘out’ meetings to galleries and exhibitions can manage larger numbers.

Organiser: Elizabeth Wilson: email:

Visit to the Barbara Hepworth Gallery, Wakefield

Wednesday 26th October.

Wednesday 26th October 2022 leaving the village hall at 8-30am. The change of date will enable group members to visit each of the 10 galleries which was not possible on the 5th October, due to four galleries closed to facilitate change over of occasional exhibitions.

The estimated cost of the coach, Gallery entrance and one hour guided tour will be £45-00. There is a cafe available at the Hepworth with a varied menu for lunch, nearer the time of our visit members will need to decide whether to make a group reservation for lunch, which I know the cafe could organise.

With best wishes

2022 Schedule

June 20 – practical collage by members inspired by the March speaker. At the home of Elizabeth.

July 18 – visit to Gunby Hall to see art exhibition.

August 15 at 2pm – visit to Lincolnshire Life Museum. Change in Programme

September 19 at 2pm We have no planned topic. Suggestions welcome!

October 26 – visit to The Hepworth, Wakefield.

November 21 – Possibly Visit to the Conservation Department, University of Lincoln [organiser: Elizabeth]

December 19 – Christmas round the World – bring something associated with Christmas which is specific to a particular country. At the home of Janet Freeman.


Visit to The Collection and Usher Gallery

In the first we saw Luke Jerram’s companion piece to his moon installation – the Earth, entitled ‘Gaia’ meaning Mother Nature, which slowly revolved so we could see the continents go by.
We also went to the exhibition in the Usher called ‘Emps Piece: Stories of Lincolnshire’, put together by MA Fine Art students and staff of the University of Lincoln. In the Lincolnshire dialect, emps piece means ‘choice cut’ or ‘best bit’, usually applied to meat cuts, but here referring to items in the exhibition.
No. 419 Africa and the Arabian peninsula
No. 432 Pacific Ocean, almost no land in sight
No. 434 Prue provides scale by pointing to Australia
No. 438 Eel stang or trap
No. 440 Sun bonnet worn by women gleaning in the fields (picking wheat stalks after harvesting)

Janet Freeman.